ESR10: Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD), Germany

Simulation of debris flow with mixture theory and CFD

Supervisor: Prof. Yong-qi Wang

Objective: CFD simulation based on mixture theory

Methodology: Since most software in practice is still based on shallow water equation and single phase mode, the CFD simulations in the WP will bring significant improvement to these existing codes. Efficient and robust numerical schemes will be worked out to deal with the strongly convective hyperbolic equations, particularly when large gradients of the physical variables occur, e.g. for a moving front. The debris materials will be modelled by mixture theory to take the multiphase property into account. The numerical results will be compared with the PFEM and the DEM simulations in Task 3.1 and 3.2. Moreover, the CFD simulations will be validated by the case studies in WP4 in order to bring substantial improvement to the codes used by the stakeholders.

Deliverable: CFD simulation on debris material based on mixture theory, Comparison to PFEM and DEM simulations, Validation by case studies;

Secondments: BFW: 6 p-ms (practise code improvement), GEOB (protection systems)