ESR14: BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria

Model tests on debris flow and impact in geotechnical centrifuge

Supervisor: Prof. Wei Wu

Objective: Centrifuge model tests on debris flows and their impact

Methodology: Model tests on debris flows with well defined initial and boundary conditions will be carried out. The model tests will be carried out with different slope inclinations. Model tests on both dry sand and sand-silt-water mixture will be used. The material properties will be tested by laboratory tests in WP1. The tests will be instrumented by high-speed cameras, PIV and force transducers. The database will be provided to WP3 in order to validate the numerical simulations.

Deliverable: Comprehensive centrifuge test programme on debris flows and their impact

Secondments: TUD: 2 p-ms (CFD benchmark), ETHZ: 2 p-ms (DEM benchmark), CIM: 2 p-ms (PFEM benchmark)