ESR4: Ove Arup and Partners Ltd (ARUP), UK and University of Padova (UNIPD), Italy

Rainfall induced slope failures: Simulation and validation through case studies

Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Free (Arup) & Prof. Bernhard Schrefler (UNIPD)

Objective: Validation of continuum modelling of triggering mechanism of rainfall induced slope failures by case studies

Methodology: Coupled analyses based on multiphase FEM for partially saturated soils will be carried out. The constitutive model developed in Task 1.1 can be implemented. The parameters are to be identified using the database provided by Task 1.4. The focus will be on the unsteady propagation of wetting front and inundation of initially unsaturated soil considering rainfall with varying intensity and duration. The reduction of matric suction, the air enclosures and their compression and their effect on hydro-permeability are to be investigated. The stakeholders in MUMOLADE possess numerous well documented landslides and debris flows in the Alpine regions in Europe. Some case studies in WP4 will be simulated to show the capability of the model to solve real-world problems.

Deliverable: Modelling of rainfall-induced slope failure, Characterisation of triggering mechanism, Validation by case studies;

Secondments: UNIPD: 6 p-ms (modelling practise), HOCH: 2 p-ms (design practice)