ESR5: University of Padova (UNIPD), Italy

FEM regularization for post localized bifurcation in fluid saturated media

Supervisor: Prof. Bernhard Schrefler

Objective: Post bifurcation analysis by regularisation

Methodology: The precursor of failure is the localisation of deformation within thin shear bands. The bifurcation theory and the related numerical schemes provide a rational approach to this multiscale phenomenon. The multiphase FEM analysis will provide realistic description of the failure process from initiation and beyond under drained and partially undrained conditions. The constitutive model developed in Task 1.1 will be implemented. The parameters are to be identified using the database provided by Task 1.4. An optimal regularisation technique (alternatives: micropolar theory, strain gradient theory, nonlocal theory and viscosity) will be adopted in the post bifurcation regime. Both shear bands and compaction bands will be considered. The latter is particularly relevant for wetting induced collapse.

Deliverable: Multiphase analysis of slope failure in the post bifurcation regime

Secondments: BAU: 12 p-ms (model application), ITAS: 2 p-ms (software coding), DMT: 2 p-ms (mining application)