ESR7: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria

Slope stabilisation by soil bioengineering method

Supervisor: Prof. Wei Wu

Objective: Stabilization measures such as soil bioengineering methods

Methodology: Slope stabilization with soil bioengineering methods, e.g. live staking and fascine, brush-layer and branch-packing has emerged as effective and sustainable alternative to conventional methods (anchors and retaining walls). The investigation will consider both mechanical (reinforcement by plant roots) and hydrological (drainage and evapotranspiration) factors. The indigenous plants in Europe and typical geological formations will be considered in order to achieve rational, economic and safe design. The results in Task 2.1 will be included in the investigation.

Deliverable: Mechanical and hydrological study on bioengineering slope stabilisation/mitigation measures, Evaluation with conventional methods;

Secondments: TEER: 12p-ms (case study, database), KRIS: 2 p-ms (project performance), ARUP: 2 p-ms (design practice)