1st MUMOLADE Workshop, Grenoble Sept. ‘12

The first MUMOLADE workshop took place in Grenoble from Sept. 10.-19., 2012. A comprehensive basic and advanced scientific training as well as complementary skill training was provided to our ESR students.

The scientific part covered the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Natural Hazards, by Didier Richard/Dominique Laigle, Stéphane Lambert, Mohamed Naaim
  • Basic Geomechanics, by Cino Viggiani
  • Advanced Geomechanics, by Félix Darve
  • DEM Modelling and Simulation (YADE), by Bruno Chareyre
  • Programming methodology and collaborative development, by Bruno Chareyre
  • Vadose Zone Hydrology, by J.P. Vandervaere
  • Itasca’s software packages FLAC3D, PFC3D and UDEC, by Benedikt Wöhrl

The Complementary skill training provided by Mrs. A. Bogdanovich-Guillon was focused on of rules and tips in ‘Scientific communication’.

Prof. Viggiani also spend more than one hour to show enthusiastically the modern lab of ENSE³ (Grenoble INPG), including unique devices such as a self-developed True Triaxial test for high pressures or a computer tomography device used to scan internal changes on real grain-scale during shear.

To experience the alpine nature surrounding Grenoble, Irstea organized a field trip to the summit of mountain Belledonne. Being in touch with the material central to the MUMOLADE project (live and in 3D) and having a great view over the landscape, the geological history of the Grenoble area was illustrated.

Beside the scientific enrichment, social events offered the students some memorable moments. A dinner close to Grenoble’s Bastille gave an overview on the famous French cuisine and Grenoble at night. On another occasion the multi-cultural background of the ESR led to a spontaneous invitation to a home-made Lebanese dinner.

Visit our gallery on facebook to take a look at some pictures taken during the workshop in Grenoble.