The Mumolade Final Project Board Meeting, Innsbruck, November 2015

The MUMOLADE “Final Project Board meeting” took place at the BFW (Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald), Innsbruck, Austria, from 27th to 28th of November 2015.





The “final project meeting” was held to provide a review of the entire project and a discussion on future cooperation. The meeting also reviewed the final stages of the MUMOLADE project and the budget situation. The general report on project development and project management was given by Prof. Wu and Dr. Qian. Each partner gave a brief presentation of their work and the progress of the fellows. Mumolade is very successful for quality research and training of young researchers. All partners voiced their wish to continue the cooperation in form of a new proposal under Horizon 2020. The participants also took part in a site visit to the avalanche measurement stations and avalanche protection measures on Nordkette nearby Innsbruck.

Many thanks to our partner in Innsbruck Dr. Kleemayr for hosting the meeting and organising the site visit. It was very nice to have our meeting in the empror's palace and to linger through the Christmas market of the historical town. Cheers for a prospers 2016!