The Mumolade Summer School, Vienna, September 2013

The MUMOLADE “Summer school 2013” was organized at BOKU University, Vienna, taking place from Sept. 9.-13, 2013. High quality and intensive training was provided to the MUMOLADE fellows as well as external young researchers. 18 doctorate students from all over Europe and 2 attendants from the industry have been provided with full grants. The scientific training consisted of lectures focusing on the theoretical background of landslides and debris flows. Additionally, a one-day joint workshop was part of the programme, with lecturers from three EU funded research projects MUMOLADE, HYDRODRIL and REVENUE, providing presentations on recent developments in the analysis, monitoring and forecast of landslides and debris flows.

The key lectures were given on the following subjects:

  • Computational plasticity, by Prof. Ronaldo Borja
  • Advanced soil mechanics, by Prof. Claudio Tamagnini
  • Continuum descriptions of dry granular dense flows down an incline, by Prof. Chung Fang
  • Testing and modeling of unsaturated soil, by Prof. Pierre Delage


The joint workshop was comprised of the following short talks:


  • Overview of geohazards at Three Gorges, China, by Prof. Wei Xiang
  • Shallow landslides and debris flow - Austrian problems, documentation and research activities, by Dr. Karl Kleemayr
  • Landsliding identification and mapping using Very High Resolution satellite images for the municipality of Pahuatlan, Mexico, by Dr. Franny G. Murillo Garcia
  • Rain Triggered Slope Failure in India, by Prof. Aniruddha  Sengupta
  • Biological soil stabilisation: Porcino, Chantrelle & Co are not just delicious, by Prof. Frank Graf
  • Multiphysics hillslope processes triggering landslides, by Prof. Ronaldo Borja
  • Effects of partial saturation on critical rainfall thresholds for shallow landslides, by Prof. Claudio Tamagnini
  • On the weak turbulent motions of an isothermal dry granular dense flow with incompressible grains by Prof. Chung Fang
  • Soil nailing under the aspect of deformation and stabilisation, by Michael Auer
  • How predictable is the behaviour of torrential processes: two case studies of summer 2012, by Prof. Johannes Hübl

Beside the training elements, several social events were found on the programme, e.g. the concert evening at the Concert Hall of Vienna, participation in the Geotechnical Festival of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering of the BOKU, and a concert given by one visiting scientist and local talents.

A Supervisory Board meeting was held on Sept. 15, 2013, followed by the Mid Term Review of the project on Sept. 16, 2013.

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